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About Us

Who are we:

Christos  Lemonaris with his wife Anna have operated
Trust and Joyride Car Rentals of Paphos on the Coral Bay Road since 1991 and have a very successful car hire rental business built on many years of trust with their old and new clients who come back year after year to rent a car from them.

Andreas, their son, has now also joined the successful family run car rentals business in Paphos. Andreas has introduced renting out newly imported 500cc fun beach buggies, motor bikes and standard scooters to the locals and the younger adventurous  visitors on holiday in Cyprus. Andreas also buys and sells a large variety range of motor bikes and scooters to the Cypriot community.

Car Rentals - Company Policies:

In order to satisfy the needs of our customers in regards to type and or make of vehicle, we have created a fleet made up of a great variety of vehicles, therefore escaping the usual market standards. Trust & Joyride car hire team offer a personal service with great choice of low budget car rentals. In addition to keep all our customers satisfied, we offer free of charge to customers airport delivery from both Larnaca airport and Paphos airport or free airport transfers to your accommodation. We have built up a long tradition in the Cyprus car rentals market for hiring cheap car rentals and providing  customers with an excellent service. We can provide any vehicle you wish for your holiday needs. We cover many ranges like compact, coupe, hardtop, soft top, sedan, jeep, station wagon, 4x4`s. Contact us today for your Car Rentals.

Quoted from the Daily Mail - UK:

Saturday August 21st 2004 in the Travel Mail of the Daily Mail section
by Mr Colin Barrowclough.

"Renting a car in Cyprus could not be simpler at Joyride Rentals, Chris, the jeeps owner,  barely bothered with paperwork. I haggled his daily rate down to the price of a round of drinks, gave him a handshake and a cash deposit and his Suzuki Vitara soft-top was mine for the week".

"Everyone in Cyprus drives like crazy", he yelled as I swung behind the wheel. I mistook his warning for encouragement and wheel-spinned away in second gear.

Mr Colin Barrowclough of the Daily Mail went on to enjoy his holidays in Cyprus.

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