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Trust and Joyride Car Rentals Ltd
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1: The under signed "client" ("The Renter") shall drive the rented vehicle only while qualified to do so under the law and shall at all times drive
    the vehicle in a careful and skilful manner in accordance with all legal requirements of the terms and conditions of the "owners" ("Trust and
    Joyride Rentals Ltd") standard insurance policy, which is available for inspection by the client at the owners offices.

2: The Renter shall not take the rented vehicle outside of Cyprus and shall keep the same at all times in his possession and security. The
    Renter shall not allow any other person to drive the rented vehicle except those that are legally added to the owners insurance policy.

3:  The Renter shall report any accidents involving the rented vehicle to the owners within 24 hours of the occurrence of the accident and shall
    also report such cases to the police or any other proper authority. The Renter shall assist the owners with the insurance company but shall
    not give instructions for any vehicle repairs, no replacement of any of the vehicles damaged parts or any parts lost in the accident unless
    the owners give their consent to do so.

4:  The owners shall not under any circumstances be liable to make any type of payment to the renter in respect of or to indemnify the renter
    against any loss, injuries or damage sustained by the renter or by any third party as a result of the presence or use of the vehicle or as a
    result of any defect therein and in taking delivery of the vehicle shall be deemed to have satisfied himself / herself that the vehicle is in all
    aspects to be road worthy and in proper and safe condition, being always understood and agreed that the vehicle is the absolute property of
    the owners and the renter is a mere bailee.

5:  No relaxation, forbearance or indulgence by the owners in enforcing any of the terms and conditions of this agreement shall prejudice or
    affect the rights and powers if the owners render nor shall any waiver of any breach operate as a waiver of any subsequence or continuing

6:  The rentable vehicle will be used within the geographical area of Cyprus that is under the full control of the Government of Republic of
    Cyprus or authorities of the Sovereign Base Area and will not be used in areas under the control of the Turkish Army or the Turkish Cypriots
    or in close proximity of such areas. The renter undertakes personally to indemnify and keep harmless the owners in case they suffer any
    loss or damage by reason of the breach of these undertakings.

7:  The expression "vehicle" shall include all tyres, accessories, tools and any other items equipped that went with the rented vehicle and the
    renter declares that he has inspected all such items.

8:  The Renter shall be responsible for any damage caused to the under parts of the vehicle, such as the oil sump box, engine mountains,
    exhaust system, axles, fuel tanks, tyres, wheels and wheel trims if the vehicle is not in direct collision with anyone or any other vehicle.
    The Renter shall be responsible for all expenses in towing the vehicle out of sand or any other location that encases the vehicle from
    movement or any location that is not on any recognized Cyprus road maps.
    The Renter using the vehicle shall deem it for the sole use of transporting passengers in a private environment and shall not be used for an
    commercial gains.
    The owners of the rented vehicle shall have the right at any time during the rental period to repossess the rented vehicle for inspection. The
    renter shall not have the right to allow any other persons to drive the vehicle in the event where a third party other than the renter drives the
    vehicle then automatically the insurance cover is removed and the renter becomes responsible for all traffic offences, all damages caused to
    the vehicle and its passengers.


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