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Travel Guide to Cyprus

Cyprus Tourist Information

Paphos Attractions



Aphrodite Rock

 This famous landmark is located between Limassol and Paphos and is something not to be missed.
 Cyprus is extremely proud of its ancient past and this includes the fact that it is the birthplace of the
 Greek Goddess Aphrodite who was the Goddess of love and beauty.  Legend has it that Aphrodite
 emerged from the sea in a surge of amazing sea foam in 1200 BC at this point and it is believed that
 she herself choose Aphrodite’s rock as the ideal location to begin her life as a mortal.
Take a car ride trip out to see " Petra tou Romiou "  known as Aphrodite Rock


Birth of Aphrodite

 Legend has it that Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, rose from the waves in this strikingly
 beautiful spot. There are several versions of the story of the goddess's birth, but the most famous is
 that Aphrodite rose naked from the sea on a scallop shell. Blown by the wind, Aphrodite's first stop
 was on the island of Cythera, but this was such a tiny island that Aphrodite kept moving and eventually
 got to Cyprus, where she began living in Paphos.
In Greek mythology, Aphrodite " The Goddess of Love and Beauty "

Agio Paraskevi Church

 Geroskipou village, close to Koloni village, 3 km east of Paphos on the airport road is where the local
 shops make what is commonly known as "Turkish Delight" - called "Loukoumia" by the Cypriot people.
 Here is a unique Byzantine church dating to the 10th Century. It has beautiful mural paintings dating
 mainly to the 15th Century. It is one of the most unusual on the island having five domes. The three
 domes over the nave intersect with the two over the aisles to form a cross.  
The village of Geroskipou is where the Turkish delight is produced
Pafos Castle  

 Paphos castle is located in Kato Paphos at the harbour. This castle was originally built to protect the
 harbour and was a Byzantine fort. During the 13th century the castle was rebuilt by the Lusignans. In
 1570 however, the castle was once again destroyed by the Venetians who at that time were unable to
 protect the castle from the ongoing attacks by the Ottomans. The Ottomans succeeded in gaining
 access to Paphos and during the Ottoman rule the castle was once again restored, expanded, and
 strengthened to what it is today.
Paphos Castle can be found near the picturesque harbourside


Kolossi Castle Limassol

 According to tradition Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre and crowned her Queen of
 England, here in 1191. The castle houses the Cyprus Mediaeval Museum and is a fine example of
 military architecture, originally constructed in the 13th century and subsequently rebuilt in its present
 form in the middle of the 15th century. After the fall of Acre in 1291, it served as Grand Commandery
 of the Knights of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.
Kolossi Castle in Limassol is just one of the historic buildings to visit

Saranta Kolones

 Paphos is full of wonderful and exciting locations to visit and among these is Saranta Kolones. 
 Saranta Kolones is the ruin of an ancient castle located just north of Paphos harbour.  When
 translated Saranta Kolones actually means castle of the 40 columns which is quite fitting considering
 that the castle itself was originally built using 40 ancient granite pillars.  These pillars were probably
 taken from Agora and were used in the structure of the castle.


Saranta Kolones Castle found just North of Paphos seafront harbour


Akamas Peninsula

 The Akamas Peninsula is an area of outstanding natural beauty - deep gorges, a wild landscape, wide
 sandy bays. It is also an area of great biodiversity and ecological significance. Home to 530 plant
 species and ideal for walkers. Located in the west of Cyprus, the
 Akamas peninsula covers approximately 230 square km and is where you will find wild untouched
 landscape, amazing natural beauty, deep gorges and stunning sandy bays.
Akamas, named after the son of Theseeus, famed for his part in the Trojan wars

Paphos Mosaics

 Paphos Mosaics are considered to be the finest mosaic in the Eastern Mediterranean, located beside
 the harbour.These striking mosaics are a must see and many of them show scenes from Greek
 Mythology. They date from the 2nd century through to the 5th century and many are still in remarkable
 condition. These mosaics would have originally been the floors of Roman noblesmen’s villas and many
 of these sites are still being excavated today.
Paphos Mosaics are one of the most historic finds on the Island of Cyprus


Tombs of the Kings

 Located only 2km north-west of Paphos harbour these underground tombs are carved out of solid rock
 and are a sight to behold spreading out over a vast area of landscape. Many of these tombs date as far
 back the the 4th century BC and are thought to have been burial sites for high officials and aristocrats.
 No Kings are actually buried here and the name itself originates from the magnificence of the tombs. 
Tombs of the Kings are burial caves carved into the bedrock of the Paphos hillside

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